General description of the service
Officine MDE owner of will confirm the acceptance of the order by sending an automatic e-mail summary to the e-mail address indicated by the customer.
The availability of the goods and the indication of shipping times are defined in the sheets of each product.
The material ready for delivery is indicated with the words “shipping within 48h”. For products not available immediately the average time required for delivery is indicated.
For new frames and whole bikes, the maximum delivery time is 60 days. We calculate the delivery time from the days of receipt of the payment or down payment.
However, despite our commitment, it could happen that, due to delays, sudden unavailability of the product at the distributors, etc., the estimated shipping times on our site are not respected. In this case an e-mail will be sent with an indication of the expected time for the arrival of the missing: the customer at any time has the right to change or cancel. For all products delivered Officine MDE will issue an invoice with the data provided by the Customer.

Officine MDE prepares the goods contained in the order and entrusts it to the Courier with the original packaging of the manufacturer or with cardboard boxes suitably closed with tape and / or plastic bags. Courier delivery times vary depending on the payment method chosen:

Paypal Payment (Credit Cards or PostePay) : the products are entrusted to the Courier the same day or the working day after the order acceptance.

Wire Transfer : the products are entrusted to the Corriere on the working day following the receipt of the payment of the amount on the current account indicated by Officine MDE (on average 3/5 Business Days from the provision of payment by of the Customer).

Cash on delivery (only Italy) : the products are entrusted to the Courier the same day or the working day following the order confirmation.

Deliveries are made on working days, from Monday to Friday, no holidays.
Shipments will normally be made by BRT courier.

Delivery times and shipping costs

The delivery times of the Courier to the customer’s domicile listed below are to be considered indicative as they may undergo variations due to force majeure, inconvenient traffic and road conditions, strikes or the Authority’s act.

We use BRT courier.

BRT usually delivers in 1/2 working days in Italy and 4/5 days in Europe countries.

Delivery costs are calculated automatically according to the weight (to be understood as weight / volume ratio) of the packaged product, as indicated:

0-3 Kg: Euro 6.50 + VAT (Small parts)
3-10 Kg: Euro 9.00 + VAT (Medium parts)
10-20 Kg: Euro 18.00 + VAT (Single frame)
20-30 kg: Euro 34.43 + VAT (Whole bike)
30-50 Kg: Euro 45.00 + VAT (Box for 5 frames)

Euro 1: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg
0-5 Kg: Euro 12.00 + VAT (Small parts)
5-15 Kg: Euro 20.00 + VAT (Single frame)
15-30 kg: Euro 45.00 + VAT (Whole bike)

Euro 2: Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Netherlands, Montenegro, Monaco, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, United Kingdom (UK)
0-5 Kg: Euro 12.00 + VAT (Small parts)
5-15 Kg: Euro 22.00 + VAT (Single frame)
15-30 kg: Euro 45.00 + VAT (Whole bike)

Euro 3: Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina
0-1 Kg: Euro 12.00 ex VAT (Small parts)
1-5 Kg: Euro 18.00 ex VAT (Medium parts)
5-15 Kg: Euro 40.00 ex VAT (Single frame)
15-30 kg: Euro 80.00 ex VAT (Whole bike)

Euro 4: Portugal, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden
0-1 Kg: Euro 14.00 + VAT (Small parts)
1-5 Kg: Euro 25.00 + VAT (Medium parts)
5-15 Kg: Euro 32.00 + VAT (Single frame)
15-30 kg: Euro 70.00 + VAT (Whole bike)

Euro 5: Norway
0-1 Kg: Euro 18.00 ex VAT (Small parts)
1-5 Kg: Euro 35.00 ex VAT (Medium parts)
5-15 Kg: Euro 50.00 ex VAT (Single frame)
15-30 kg: Euro 130.00 ex VAT (Whole bike)

Standard delivery is made on Business Days from 08.30 to 18.00.
In case of absence of the Customer, the Courier leaves a notice of passage (pays into the mailbox or sticker on the bell) and retries the delivery on the next Business Day. In case of further absence, the Customer is contacted directly by the Courier for the third attempt. If this delivery attempt is not successful, the Customer will be contacted by Officine MDE staff to define a further delivery. If the fourth attempt is to have a negative result, the product is returned to Officine MDE with consequent cancellation of the order. The costs of parking or storage at the courier are at the expense of Officine MDE for the first 2 days, after which they will be charged to the customer. No delivery to the floor.
The Customer is required to check:
– that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the accompanying document of the Courier
– that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or altered.
Once the courier’s transport document has been signed, the Customer will no longer be able to make any objection regarding the external characteristics of the goods delivered.

At the time of delivery of the goods by the Courier the Customer is
Shipment consultation: it is possible to monitor the shipment on


Any complaint regarding the deliveries of the products and their characteristics at the time of delivery must be reported to Officine MDE or by mail or to the number 0039 3485800864

Damaged products or mismatch of packages : any external damage or non-correspondence of the number of packages must be immediately notified to the Courier, with the words “withdrawal with reserve” on the courier accompanying document and must they must also be reported, within 8 days, through the means of communication indicated above.
The loss of goods by the shipper entitles the purchaser to receive a new shipment within the time necessary for the evasion of the practice.

Delivery delays : Complaints can be submitted from the 6th working day following the effective shipment.

Complaints must include the description of the object and the grounds for complaint. Officine MDE does not avail itself for the settlement of the disputes of the extra-judicial composition bodies provided for by art. 19 of Legislative Decree 70/2003; therefore any disputes will be the responsibility of the ordinary Judge.