This program offers the possibility to send your MDE frame in our company for a full check up, it costs € 100 plus shipping.
The checks

  1. Material fatigue of all welds of the frame;
  2. Bearings consuption;
  3. Frame alignment;
  4. Status of painting / finishing;
  5. Headset and bottom brackets (bearings and thread);
  6. Alignment gear dropout;

If the frame will have problems or parts to be replaced, the owner will be contacted and informed on the estimate to restore the original status frame.
After this service will be issued a new warranty valid for 2 years on manufacturing defects.
The owner of frame will be insert into our program “Lifetime crash replacement” although he isn’t the first owner of frame.
We remember this program is available even for people who bought his MDE frame used or had his frame from more than 2 years (warrantytime).
MDE invites all owners of their frames to send its frame to MDE for the program “Check your frame” to extend the life of frame and for your security.

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