Big impacts or accidents could damage bike frames in a deadly way. MDE advise to not use anymore your frame if it is damaged. The “Lifetime Crash Replacement” is the possibility to buy a new frame in case of the previous one get damaged in a not warranty covered eventualities. All “first owners” are included in the L.C.R. program. See also our warranty program.

Contact us at: to start this service, explaining how the damage have been generated. Our staff will inform you about the procedure you have to do.

The service is only for damage that compromise the functionality of the frame or the saefty of the rider. We can stop this service at any time, expecially if we show the damage is made purposely or is just an estetic damage. We also remember that is not possible change the model if it is still in the framelist. The service is available for the first owner of the bike or for who made a “check your frame” or “revitalize your frame” before the incident happens.