We believe the bikes is not only a thing. Many people love their bike and doesn’t care of new models coming on. If you are one of them you probably could like our program “Revitalize your frame”. This offer give you the possibility to see your bike as new as you seen the first time.

The treatment includes:

  • Complete check of weld and possibly new temperature treatment
  • Bright new color you can choose on the “Custom Color List” (if you want two different color for front triangle and rear swing arm).
  • Brand new bearing kits
  • Brand new Inox steel Logo on the front.
  • New decals kit in the latest release version
  • 2 years warranty

You can have all at the price of 399 euro for I-Link and Dh-Link frame, 349 euro  for monopivot frame, 299 euro for hard tail frame (plus shipping cost).

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