General description of the service

Officine MDE di Biora Federico owner of confirms acceptance of the order by sending an automatic email to the email address given by the customer in the order.
The availability of the goods and an indication of the shipping times are defined in the tabs of each product.
The goods immediate delivery is indicated by the words “shipment within 48h”. For products not available immediately shows the average time required for delivery.
However, despite our efforts, it may happen that, due to delays, sudden unavailability of the product from distributors, etc., shipping times estimated on our site are not respected. In this case you will receive an email with an indication of the timing of the arrival of the missing parts: the customer at any time has the right to change or cancel the order. For all products delivered Officine MDE will issue an invoice with the data supplied by the customer.

Officine MDE prepares the goods contained in the order and relies on the shipper with the original packaging of the manufacturer or with cardboard boxes properly sealed with tape and / or plastic-coated envelopes. The timing of custody to Corriere vary depending on the payment method chosen.

Paypal (Credit Cards or American Express): the products are entrusted to the courier on the same day or the next business day to that of the order.

Bank Transfer: products are entrusted to the courier the working day following the receipt of the payment of the account specified by Officine MDE (average 3/5 Days from the provision of payment by the customer).
Deliveries are made on weekdays, Monday through Friday, except holidays. Officine MDE uses SDA Courrier.
Shipments of orders are normally executed with SDA.

Delivery and Shipping Costs

Delivery of the Courier to the address of the customer listed below are a starting point because they may change for reasons of force majeure, for difficult conditions of traffic and road conditions, to strike or to act of the Authority.

SDA usually delivery in 1/2 working days in Italy and 4/5 working days in Europe country

The delivery costs are automatically calculated according to the weight (to be understood as weight / volume ratio) of the packed product, as indicated and on the country address group as indicate below:

Group 1 : Italy

0-1 Kg: 6.00 Euro

1-3 Kg: 8.50 Euro

3-10 Kg: 11,00 Euro

10-20 Kg: 14,50 Euro

20-30 Kg: 20,50 Euro

Group 2 : Austria, Belgium, France,Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain

0-5 Kg: 15.00 Euro

5-15 Kg: 20.00 Euro

15-30 Kg: 30,00 Euro

Group 3 : Czech Republic,Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom

0-5 Kg: 18.00 Euro

5-15 Kg: 25.00 Euro

15-30 Kg: 40,00 Euro

Group 4 : Denmark, Sweden

0-5 Kg: 23.00 Euro

5-15 Kg: 27.00 Euro

15-30 Kg: 44,00 Euro

Group 5 : Finland, Liechtenstein, Swizerland

0-5 Kg: 25.00 Euro

5-15 Kg: 32.00 Euro

15-30 Kg: 50,00 Euro

Group 6 : Estonia, Lithuania

0-5 Kg: 33.00 Euro

5-15 Kg: 38.00 Euro

15-30 Kg: 56,00 Euro

Group 7 : Norway

0-5 Kg: 37.00 Euro

5-15 Kg: 42.00 Euro

15-30 Kg: 59,00 Euro
The Standard Delivery Timing is normally from 08:30 to 18:00.
Standard delivery provides for delivery onto the street for all the products delivery without notice. In the absence of the Customer the Courier leaves a notice of passage (slip in the mailbox or sticker on the bell) and retries the delivery the next Business Day. If the customer is still lack, he is contacted directly by the Courier for the third attempt. If this attempt delivery is unsuccessful, the customer will be contacted by the staff of Officine MDE to define a ‘further deliveries. If the fourth attempt were to fail, the order is cancelled. The cost of parking or storage at the courier shall be borne by Officine MDE for the first 2 days beyond which will be charged to the customer. Delivery plan is not available.
The customer should check:

– The number of boxes is the same as indicated in the accompanying document of the Courier
– That the packaging is not damaged, or wet or altered.

Once signed the document courier transport of the Customer may not make any objection about the appearance of the goods.
Consultation shipping state: you can monitor the shipment on or telephone number 0039-199-113366


Any claims related to the delivery of the products and their characteristics at the time of delivery must be reported to Officine MDE or email or number 0039 3485800864

Damaged or mismatch of packages: any external damage or the mismatch in the number of packages they should be immediately reported to the courier, adding the word “withdrawal conditional” on the accompanying document of the Courier and must also be reported within 8 days , through the means of communication above.
The loss of the goods by the shipper entitles the purchaser to receive a new shipment in the time needed to process the practice.

Delivery delays: The complaints may be forwarded by the 6th business day following the date of actual delivery.

Complaints must contain a description of the ‘object and the grounds for complaint. Officine MDE does not use the dispute settlement bodies of-court under art. 19 of Legislative Decree no. 70/2003.

Therefore, any disputes will be the competence of the ordinary judge.