Handmaking our frames in Piedmont, Italy, is a big proud for us.

We develop and realize every single piece always focused on quality. Every CNC parts are made in our factory in Turin. It means we have the total quality control since the very begging of the productive process. We love this job, that’s why we spend so much time checking the quality of materials and products; perfection is our goal. We desing with 3D cad system, and calculate every parts with FEA tecnology. We also strongly believe the prototype test on the field must have the last word, that’s why our riders and employer spend lot of time testing, riding new products on different terrein. Only long time use and big stress our pro rider can give to the product can be really good tests for the quality. With the tecnique we also like to make beautiful objects, that’s what italians are known for in the rest of the world. Good looking bikes are important as much as good riding bikes. That idea lead us to a product made both for one and other, italian talent and genious some people said.

We really love our job and we work hard for your pleasure.


Federico Biora


I look at the blurred and undefined horizon for a moment. My heartbeat stops, no blood flows in my veins but rivers of adrenaline. I struggled a lot to get up here but now I am free to choose my line. Not often in life you can relish this feeling and this is why we love the bike. Free from preconceptions and patterns the city force us to believe, our imagination leads us down the trails.